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Arcane League of Legends S01 2021 COMPLETE

Arcane League of Legends S01 2021 COMPLETE Netflix 1080p Download Serie Torrent

Language: English
tag: Adventure , Fantasy , Sci-Fi , Animation , Dystopia , Steampunk , Hakata Ramen , x265 ,

[HR] Arcane S01 (2021) [NF 1080p HEVC OPUS]~HR-DR
[Hakata Ramen] Arcane League of Legends {Season 1} (2021) [Netflix 1080p x265 OPUS].ske (2.4 KB)
[HR] Arcane S01E01 [2C995786].mkv (464.8 MB)
[HR] Arcane S01E02 [70314392].mkv (348.0 MB)
[HR] Arcane S01E03 [B8BC6832].mkv (418.4 MB)
[HR] Arcane S01E04 [FF9DF47C].mkv (441.5 MB)
[HR] Arcane S01E05 [18713F84].mkv (404.0 MB)
[HR] Arcane S01E06 [2CA0F78F].mkv (396.4 MB)
[HR] Arcane S01E07 [F2D72BB5].mkv (466.0 MB)
[HR] Arcane S01E08 [F07C5281].mkv (391.5 MB)
[HR] Arcane S01E09 [0FFB86A5].mkv (419.6 MB)

Amid the stark discord of twin cities Piltover and Zaun, two sisters fight on rival sides of a war between magic technologies and clashing convictions.

Video: 1920 x 816 | HEVC H265 10-Bits
Audio: English Opus 6 Channels Surround

Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Traditional), English, English (SDH), French, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Europe), Portuguese (Brasil), Swedish, German, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Ukranian, Croatian, Romanian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified)

✍️ Size: 3.7 GB

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