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Godzilla Singular Point 2021 Season 1 Complete

Godzilla Singular Point 2021 Season 1 Complete 1080p Download Anime Torrent

Language: Japanese
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Godzilla Singular point S01 1080p Dual Audio WEBRip 10 bits DD+ x265-EMBER
S01E09-Those Who Fall [50407B5A].mkv (398.9 MB)
S01E02-Midsummer Oni Festival [B547FE51].mkv (344.1 MB)
S01E03-Nobae’s Terror [047FFBDA].mkv (316.6 MB)
S01E04-The Future Not Yet Seen [1465EBF8].mkv (323.5 MB)
S01E05-As Swift as the Wind [360991DE].mkv (308.5 MB)
S01E06-Numbers Without Theory [C79C4EDA].mkv (326.6 MB)
S01E07-The Question Mark of Time [1311DD21].mkv (320.4 MB)
S01E08-Phantom Figure [B0AEF19D].mkv (310.2 MB)
S01E01-A Distant Road Home [ECD29414].mkv (314.1 MB)
S01E10-Principles of Mechanics [14EFB08B].mkv (364.1 MB)
S01E11-Unreasonable Sheet Music [9FE66918].mkv (353.0 MB)
S01E12-The End of the Fight [CA653EA6].mkv (354.9 MB)
S01E13-The Two of the Beginning [BD77F1F8].mkv (349.5 MB)

This series features an original story, which depicts the young geniuses Mei Kamino, a female researcher, and Yun Arikawa, a male engineer, as they take on an unprecedented threat with their companions. When danger comes up from the depths, only young geniuses Mei, Yun, and their team can face the threat in Godzilla Singular Point!

✍️ Size: 4.3 GB

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